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So You Want to Know More About Me?

Well, I've always had an interest in computers which naturally led to smart products. I believe that smart products are the next big thing when it comes to home automation and quality of life. Before you know it, we'll have doors that can sense people in front of them and will open automatically! Smart mirrors will be in every home and smart security will be in every other house. I believe the technology for smart security will become cheaper and better as technology furthers itself naturally. Just think about it: today, we have better security in our homes than Fort Knox did in 1960. I believe as technology gets better and better and becomes more affordable, it will ultimately lead to lower crimes rates overall and high percentages of criminals will be caught. We live in a day where security is absolutely affordable, although it's not perfect yet. I believe soon we will have 4k/8k resolution security cameras on the market and they will become affordable and easy enough for anyone to install to product their investments (homes, cars) and their loved ones (much more important, right?). When we can protect the things we love, we will ultimately have a better life!

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