Best Smart Light Bulbs

Check out my list of all the best smart home light bulbs I've reviewed! Please be aware that I have personally tested all the smart home light bulbs shown below to allow you to find the best product for your needs! I really hope my research points you in the right direction. These are some of my favorite smart Wi-Fi enabled light bulbs at the moment, so I'm sure you will be very impressed by their features and what I have to say regarding them.


C By GE “Life” Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulbs – Works with Google, Alexa, and Apple HomeKit

Very cool: Gradual on/off (it just doesn't instant-on, which can hurt your eyes), no hub needed and very affordable

Not cool: Costs extra for "tunable" or colored bulbs. Optional "Smart Bridge" seems unnecessary and a bit gimmicky.

Overall: If you need a simple bulb, this does the job. Integrates easily with Google and Alexa, making it a snap to use.

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C by GE Smart