Best Smart Home Security

Check out my list of all the best smart home security systems I've reviewed! Please be aware that I have not personally tested all the smart home security systems shown below unless I state otherwise. Unfortunately, I am not in the position (yet) to spend anywhere from $100 up to $600 just to review a security system! I hope this changes in the future, but I really hope my research points you in the right direction. These are some of my favorite smart security systems at the moment and I'm sure you will be very impressed by their features.


Samsung SmartThings ADT Wireless Home Security Starter Kit with DIY Smart Alarm System Hub, Door and Window Sensors, and Motion Detector

Very cool: Acts as a ZigBee/Z-Wave hub. If wanted, you can optionally sign-up for ADT security monitoring in case of emergency. Works perfectly without ADT subscription. Can use ANY ZigBee/Z-Wave sensors (albeit at a price, see below).

Not cool: VERY tricky to reset (requires kind of a "backdoor"). Sound can sometime cut in and out unexpectedly. If you sign up for ADT monitoring, you MUST use their sensors (the ones included) — you can still use other sensors, but they won't send out police/fire if a non-ADT sensor is tripped.

Overall: For $100, it's a great deal. I've had mine for several months now and I never leave home without setting the alarm. If people are aware that you have an alarm, sometimes that's a detterent enough to leave your home alone.

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Samsung SmartThings ADT Wireless Home Security Starter Kit